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Starting situation

ISM has been using the forms generator Forms/3 since the beginning of the software development under the Oracle® RDBMS. We think that the price-performance-ratio of this product has been excellent. It allows rapid application development in a very short time.

In about 1997 ORACLE officially discontinued the support of the product, although still a large number of customers have been using Forms/3 for program development.

ISM decided to provide a migration tool for Forms/3 – programs to ISM*WebForms and offer it as a stand-alone product.

Design objectives

Upon setting up the technical specifications for this product the following considerations were taken care of:

  • Migration of all Components of Forms/3 applications into the new environment for full support of the new technology.
  • Maintaining the full functionality of Forms/3 applications and guaranteeing the maximum security of the software project hereby.
  • Programmatic conversion of as many algorithms as possible.

1. Migration of all components of Forms/3-applications

In our migration process the Forms/3 code is loaded completely into our own repository. The next step is an extended analysis of the various components. The parts of the screens which cannot be translated automatically are flagged. These parts can be corrected manually by the programmer and checked again for compliance.

2. Maintaining the functionality of Forms/3 applications

After an arbitrary number of modifications the programmer may test the functionality of the modified Forms/3 program in the old environment. Additionally he may test the migrated application with ISM*WebForms. In the course of this process at least the „old“ application remains functional until the modifications are correct and released officially by the programmer.

3. Programmatic conversion of as many algorithms as possible

Our main objective is to provide Migration Assistants for as many Forms/3 algorithms as possible. Yet we cannot guarantee that these Migration Assistants cover all special situations. Therefore it will be necessary to make „manual“ modifications in the migration process.

Final result

As a final result the Forms/3 application will still be functional and deliver the identical results as before. Additionally, all algorithms will be translated successfully into the ISM*WebForms environment.



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