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Overview of the Software-Technology

The following diagram gives an overview of our technology concept:

1. Cient PC

Currently we support all Sun® Java™ 5.0 compatible operation systems (Linux, Sun® Solaris™ and Microsoft® Windows™).

The client application offers an modern user interface, which allows to control all tasks by function keys.

2. Application Server

The customers may use OpenSource components on the application server. Additional the ISM*JavaForms server needs to be installed. The ISM*JavaForms server control, syncronize and manage all ISM*JavaForms client instances and the database connections. Access to the Oracle RDBMS® is done via a JDBC Interface. Java Encapsulation is used to call the database procedures.

The customers have the choice of using either Unix or Linux as their Operating System for the Application Server.

3. Database Server

We have decided to use the ORACLE® RDBMS as the industry leader for storing all data. The application-API is making use of all ORACLE® database objects on the Database Server.
Additional support of IBM DB2 is planned.

The customers have the choice of using either Linux, Unix or Microsoft® Windows as their Operating System for the Database Server.

4. Standards

  • XML: eXtended Markup Language
  • Java
  • Java RMI: Remote Method Invocation
  • JDBC: Java DataBase Connectivity

5. Developmentools by ISM

  • ISM*JavaForms Runtime System
  • JavaForms-Designer as tool for designing forms
  • ISM*Migration for Oracle Forms 3.0 migrations
  • Forms Generator for static form generation from the data dictionary
  • ISM Dokumentationssystem

6. Recommended Additional Tools

  • Sybase PowerDesigner or CA ERwin for data modeling
  • netViz for process modeling
  • Eclipse as Java development environment


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