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Product Overview

1. Advantages Of The ISM-Software-Concept

After many years of experience ISM has decided to develop a new software tool. The main design objectives of this tool have been the inclusion of industry standards wherever possible and an overall cost efficiency. The main advantages of the ISM software concept are:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Extended Software Life Cycle
  • Industry Standard Components

1.1. Cost Reduction

First of all, our customers only have to bear the license fees for the Oracle®-Database. In software projects, ISM provides the software tool ISM*WebForms by including a one-time fee without maintenance charges. No additional fees for transaction processing software tools have to be taken care of.

1.2. Extended Software Life Cycle

The availability of our own tool influences the life cycle of our software projects to a large extent. The experiences of the last 15 years have shown that software tool providers release new versions of their tools about every 3 years. New releases not only not only include additional license fees but also personal costs created by migration and test activities.

1.3. Industry Standard Components

We have decided to use the ORACLE® Database as the leading product for storing data. This proven database is not only used to store data but also the business critical methods. Especially in this area we want to rely on the proven concepts of the market leader. Yet our open concept allows the integration of new technologies as soon as they have turned out to be reliable. The other components of our software tool either are OpenSource components or provided by ISM. The essential point is that we are able to control the various components software technology to a large extent.

2. Technological Overview (details under JavaForms)

  • java-based client, so platform independent
  • high-performance, comfortable additional features
  • allows a direct migration of Forms/3 - applications

Datasheet (PDF)

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