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Product Overview of ISM*RIS/3

The integrated software package ISM*RIS/3 Relational Information System (called RIS/3 from now on) is the logical successor of ISM*RIS/2 Relational Information System (called RIS/2 from now on).

During the eight years of using RIS/2 in production environments the structure of our data model could be adapted to any need. Therefore a change of the data model for RIS/3 was not necessary - both versions can be used with the identical database.

Technology of Data Visualization

The main difference between RIS/2 and RIS/3 is in the area of data visualization.

Under RIS/2 the online-applications use Forms/3 of Oracle® and only support text mode. The support of a graphical user interface is not possible.

RIS/3 gets rid of this restriction. It not only supports a text mode interface but also standard browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

New Repository for Forms and Reports

ISM has developed a general repository for RIS/3 which contains the structures of forms and reports. From this repository the administrator may either generate the text mode application as under RIS/2 or the browser-application alternatively.

Currently we support the Internet Explorer of Microsoft® as well as Mozilla or Netscape.

The overview of the technological details is specified on the ISM * JavaForms Technology data sheet.


Datasheet (PDF)

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