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User Pricing

The prices of the ISM*RIS/2 software modules are depending upon the number of users, and independent from the hardware and operating system of the used Computer.

Named User

A "Named User" is defined as an individual authorized by the customer to use the ISM*RIS/2 programs, regardless of whether the individual is actively using the ISM*RIS/2 programs at any given time.

Define the corresponding prices

At the top of this page you find the field Number of "Named Users". To calculate your total price, choose the number of "Named Users" and select which program modules you need (yes or no). Then you see the module price in the same line as the module name and the total price in the bottom of the table. The list of prices is valid for all computer systems which provide

the operating system UNIX®, and
a version of the Oracle® RDBMS that is compliant with ISM*RIS/2.

Please contact ISM, if you plan to use the programs with another operating system.


The given prices are valid starting January 1, 2002, can be changed without further notice and given in Euro (€) not including value added tax. Currently, these prices are also valid for US-Dollar ($). The terms and conditions of the software license- and service contract agreement are valid. ISM has made large efforts to create these informations without mistakes and reserves the right to correct unintentional spelling mistakes. Other computer hardware and software listed on this site may be a trademark of another company.

System requirements:

  • Unix® Operating System
  • Oracle® RDBMS Version 7.3.4
  • SQL*Forms V3.0
  • SQL*Plus V3.0
  • Terminals or personal computers with a VT220 terminal emulations software
  • Hardware and software which support the version of Oracle described above.

If you need an offer for a Unix server including the Oracle license, please request it seperately.

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