Inventory Administration

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Inventory Administration

The program module RIS/2 Inventory Administration has been designed primaryly for an integrated solution with the modules RIS/2 Financial Accounting, RIS/2 Cost Accounting, RIS/2 Project Cost Accounting and RIS/2 Assets Cost Accounting. The fundamental system functions are as follows:

  • Administration of the basic data of inventory types
  • Inventory administration and query of bookings
  • Online booking transfers from RIS/2 Financial Accounting during project bookings (see RIS/2 Project Cost Accounting)
  • Online booking transfer from RIS/2-Project Cost Accounting
  • Split of old facilities.
  • Inventory loss

The flexibility of the design allows primarily:

  • User specific definition of evaluation profiles.
  • An absolutely free definition of attributes
  • Flexible reporting through user-defined structure




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