Assets Cost Accounting

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Assets Cost Accounting

The program module RIS/2 Assets Cost Accounting has been designed primaryly for an integrated solution with the module RIS/2 Financial Accounting. The fundamental system functions are as follows:

  • Data exchange of bookings with the module RIS/2 Financial Accounting
  • Depreciation under the linear depreciation-method
  • Calculation of special depreciation (and also of premature depreciation)
  • Visualizing the depreciation trend of individual fixed assets in a depreciation list with the certification for increases, changes in value and also for booking transfers, value reductions and transfers completely or partially.
  • Visualizing the depreciation trend of individual fixed assets in a value-trend list, sorted by accounts or balance-sheet items.
  • Visualizing the property assets per fixed asset with the information about residual value and acquisition value.

The following viewpoints are available:

  • Visualization under the commercial law
  • Tax view
  • Calculatory
  • Visualization according to IAS

The flexibility of the design allows primarily:

  • The user specific definition of evaluation profiles
  • An absolutely free definition of attributes
  • Flexible reporting through user-defined structures
  • Planning calculation with a trend preview of the fixed assets for the next 5 / 10 years.

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