Project Cost Accounting

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Project Cost Accounting

The realization of cost-intensive projects requires accurate planning of monthly and yearly schedules and also the drill-down cost control for:

  • Budgeted costs vs.
  • Actual costs

To that purpose the cost control is set up on order level. In the following overview the various relevant dimensions are displayed graphically:

RIS/2-Project Cost Accounting is prepared to monitor and control all of these costs.

The data normally are inserted online from the RIS/2-Financial Accounting, in which case the automatic data transfer of bookings into the RIS/2 - Cost Accounting application is disabled, or as batch transactions.

The bookings are transferred to the RIS/2 Cost Accounting automatically by a database trigger. The transfer process of projects into the RIS/2 Assets Cost Accounting application is triggered by a responsible person.

Additional module features embrace e.g. the control of the information flow for the handling of construction projects.


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