Cost Accounting

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RIS/2 Cost Accounting

Within RIS/2 Cost Accounting the following dimensions may be used for cost analysis:

  • Cost types
  • Cost centers
  • Cost objects
  • Profit centers
  • Plant/Sales office locations
  • Business areas

Data are generated and transferred automatically from the RIS/2 Financial Accounting application if the booked accounts are set up as relevant for cost accounting. Also, RIS/2 Cost Accounting allows the transfer of bookings directly as batch transactions supplied by third-party systems. In this case the software is responsible to inhibit the automatic transfer of RIS/2 Cost Accounting bookings from the logically corresponding RIS/2 Financial Accounting bookings.

The main work processes are:

  • Cost transfers
  • Surcharges
  • Internal performance cost transfers
  • Distributions of cost
  • Distributions of performance
  • Comparison with financial accounting results

Flexible reporting through user-defined structures has been implemented in all the applications of RIS/2.

Up to three dimensions may be combined to provide in-depth data analysis. The data are prepared for analysis with standard graphical analysis tools. Customer-specific relations are implemented according to the needs.

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