Financial Accounting

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Financial Accounting

The RIS/2 Financial Accounting software allows an efficient and easy handling of:

  • General ledger accounts
  • Debit accounts
  • Credit accounts

Bookings can be generated through:

  • Online transactions by the users
  • Batch transactions, importing bookings from a third party program

The dataflow to external systems and also the monetary transactions are dimensioned for large data volumes and include all necessary transactions for the following work processes:

  • All accounts: general bookings
  • Debit accounts: invoices and payment reminders
  • Credit accounts: invoices and payments

Flexible reporting through user-defined structures has been implemented in all the applications of RIS/2. Our fundamental design goals have been the immediate readiness of informations for controlling needs, particularly in the complex environment of consolidating the data. This includes, above all, the possibility to supply the individual or consolidated balances from each client any time.

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