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Our Focal Point

The main focus of our business is the development and ongoing improvement of our Integrated Software Package Relational Information System ISM*RIS/2, which has been targetted primarily towards the needs of large and medium size companies.

Our main design goals during the conceptual phase were

  • Transparency towards the users,
  • Transparency to other Software Packages, and
  • Guarantee of user-friendly response times, even when processing very large amounts of data.

Throughout the development process we permanently followed the rules of Modular Design. As a result we developed the Application Modules:

  • Financial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Project cost accounting
  • Assetscost accounting
  • Inventory administration

Datasheet (PDF)

Great importance was put on the design of the ISM*RIS/2 screen forms. The structure of the forms is designed as follows:

  • Efficienct work support for the user
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • The design of the forms follows one central guideline
  • User mistakes do not disturb their work
  • By pressing a Hot-Key the form can directly switch to the Oracle® database access language SQL*Plus
  • Usage of the forms is very easy and self-explaining

The report functions of ISM*RIS/2 have been implemented under following aspects:

  • Efficient mastering of large printing tasks
  • Printouts can be forwarded to a printer, a file or dispatched directly as e-mail
  • The design of the reports follows one central guideline
  • As software tool we use SQL*Plus with the database language SQL and PL/SQL by Oracle®

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