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Open Source Application Software

ISM has used the Open Source Definition (OSD) of the Open Source Initiative as base for the definition of the Open Source Application Software.

Below you find the comparison with the OSD-definitions:

  • Free Redistribution :

    ISM-customers sign a Maintenance Contract as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement. These customers are responsible for having their employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements regarding ISM-Software. Customer's employees are only entitled to use these informations outside their working areas and may only pass on informations to third parties with written consent of ISM.

  • Source Code :

    Customers have access to the source code of ISM-Programs.

  • Derived Works :

    The license allows modifications and derived works within the customer's installation. Neither the original software nor the derived works may be redistributed.

  • Integrity of The Author's Source Code:

    It is the customer's responsibility to take care that the original ISM-software is not modified. Standard software modules may be overwritten by ISM in the update process of the software maintenance contract. The recommended procedure for software quality improvement is to report errors or improvements to ISM who will incorporate the necessary changes into the standard installation as soon as possible and include these modules in the software update cycle.

  • No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups:

    The definitions of the OSD are valid.

  • No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor:

    The definitions of the OSD are valid.

  • Distribution of License:

    A distribution of the license is not allowed without the written consent of ISM.

  • License Must Not Be Specific to a Product:

    This point does not apply.

  • The License Must Not Restrict Other Software:

    This point does not apply.

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